Seedbox Hosting at a price that's quite nice.

1Gbps seedboxEach of our seedbox hosting plans provide an easy to use web interface to manage all your torrent activity, FREE ftp or web access to your personal drive and bandwidth up to 1Gbps with UNMETERED use.

Web interface: This becomes your new torrent client. Open up your browser, go to the web address provided and log in with your username.

Instead of loading your torrent in uTorrent or Azureus, you now load it onto your torrentflux or ruTorrent seedbox using any browser. The seedbox then downloads and uploads the data at blazingly fast speeds.

The web interface also shows the torrent status, how much data you've downloaded or uploaded, pretty much the same as most of the torrent programs used today.
You can also use your browser to connect to the seedbox and download the completed files to your PC.

FTP Access: You can also use most ftp clients to download files from the seedbox to your PC. FTP details will be provided once your account is activated.

Unmetered bandwidth up to 200Mbps or 1Gbps: With no usage limit you can leech and seed torrents all month long without worrying about any extra bills!

Getting up and running is easy.

Once your payment is verified you can use your seedbox without having to install a single thing.

seedbox hosting

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Last Update: 25th Oct 2010