Torrentflux Clients

We have 2 clients that can be used with our torrentflux seedbox.
These are bittornado 3.18 and Transmission 2.12

Our recommendation is to use the default bittornado client unless you are using trackers that require UDP.
If UDP is required, or if the tracker has banned bittornado 3.18, then transmission should do the job.

Changing Clients on Torrentflux.

The default bittorent client on the torrentflux packages is set to bittornado.
If you prefer to use the Transmission client instead, please see the following steps.

New Torrent.
Load the torrent as normal but don't select "Upload and Start" from the drop down before hitting Go, but just select "Upload" instead.
Once loaded into your transfer list, click the torrent name to open the torrent control window then click the "Control" link as seen marked in the image below.
Now select Transmission in the BitTorrent-Client drop down, as marked in the image below, then hit the "Run Transfer" button.

Existing Torrent.
Stop the torrent first then click the torrent name to bring up the torrent control window.
Click the "Control" link then select the client as seen in the image below.
Now hit the "Run Transfer" button to start the torrent.

Torrent Client Control

23rd May 2011