Continued from the Make Torrent guide

Create your own torrent with the ruTorrent seedbox

2. Once the files you want to seed are on the seedbox log into your ruTorrent seedbox then click the "Create Torrent" icon (the gold star) and a pop up will appear as seen below.

ruTorrent create torrent

Click the button as shown above next to A to select the folder you want to seed. The name of the folder you select will appear in the "Select Source" box.
Once the correct folder is selected click the button again.

Enter the tracker announce details in the box marked B. This may or may not include your tracker passkey.

Tick the "Private torrent" box as seen above marked C then click the "Create..." button.

3. You will now see the create torrent progress window as shown below.
This may take some time depending on the size of the torrent.

ruTorrent create torrent progress

Torrent creation will be succesful when it allows you to save the new torrent file.

If you do encounter errors that stop the torrent creation from completing then try checking the folder for bad files, such as .thumbs or other dot files, such as .inc and delete them from the folder via SFTP.

Also check filenames. Non standard characters may also cause the create torrent to fail. You can get around this problem by renaming the files via SFTP.

4. Once torrent creation is succesful you must download the .torrent file to your PC by clicking the "Save" button.
Make sure you DO NOT select "Open with" when saving the file.

ruTorrent save torrent

5. Once the .torrent is saved to your PC you can then proceed to upload this to your tracker in the usual way.

6. Once you've uploaded the .torrent to the tracker you MUST download it back from the tracker to your PC so it contains your trackers unique passkey.
(REMEMBER! You RIGHT click the download link then click "Save as...")

7. The final step is to go back to your seedbox and upload this new .torrent (with your passkey) the same way you would if downloading a torrent, only this time the torrent will find the files on the seedbox, check the files to 100% then seed them.

Hopefully that will get you seeding with your ruTorrent seedbox but if you have any more questions about this guide or about your ruTorrent seedbox at then please first check the FAQ and if your question is still unanswered or you have another issue not covered here then please contact support.

Last update: 22nd September 2010