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Make your own torrent on the seedbox

The following guides may look complicated at first but they're just detailed so once you've done this a couple of times it does become a simple process.
Here goes!

1. Get the file(s) you want to seed onto the seedbox first.

There are normally 2 ways to do this.

 i. Get the files from tracker A onto the seedbox to seed to tracker B.

ii. Upload the files and/or folders you may already have on your PC to the seedbox by using FTP.

If using FTP, don't upload single files to your root folder for seeding as Torrent Maker will probably fail. It's much better to seed single files from inside it's own folder, so when uploading via FTP first create a new folder then upload the file in there.

Follow our FTP guide and remember, to upload files from your PC to the seedbox you drag the folder with files from the LEFT pane (PC) to the RIGHT pane (seedbox) and the FTP client will do the rest.

Please click the appropriate link below once you have uploaded all necessary files for further make torrent instructions depending on your chosen package.



If you have any problems following any of our guides then please contact us at support.

Last update: 10 April 2012