Continued from the Make Torrent guide

Make your own torrent with the tf_b4rt seedbox

2. Once the files are on the seedbox log into the seedbox then click the "Directory" link.
You should see the folder you've just created. (see our example below)
Check all the files you want to seed have transferred correctly inside this folder.

Torrentflux Directory Listing Screen

3. Click the "Make Torrent" icon.
There are a bunch of icons alongside each folder to the right and the make torrent icon is the second from the left. (as seen above)

4. The torrent maker window should now appear. (as seen below)
The "Torrent name:" will be completed as "folder_name.torrent" so you can check you're making a torrent on the correct folder by looking at this.
You can change this to anything, but leave the .torrent bit at the end.

Torrentflux Make Torrent Screenshot

5. Complete the rest of the details in the window as follows:

Client: tornado (this option is right at the top of the window)
Announcement URL: Your tracker announce url. (This may include your passkey. If not, see the additional steps 10-13 required at the end of this section)
Announce List: Leave blank.
Piece size: Leave at 0 (auto)
Comments: A super fast torrent (or you can leave this blank if you prefer)
Private Torrent: Yes
DHT Support: No (leave unticked)

6. Click "Create"
A progress bar will appear in the make torrent window.
Please note: The larger the torrent, the longer the create process will take.
If it's a big torrent it's best to go take a break around about now.

tf_b4rt In Progress Screenshot

7. Once the create process has completed you will see the following screen.

Torrent Maker Completed Screen

8. Grab the .torrent file you just created by clicking the link as seen above.
Download this to your PC then upload it to the tracker in the normal way.

9. Close the make torrent window and go back to your transfer list.
Your new torrent should appear in the list as "New", ie, not started.
If you included a passkey in step 5 above then you can skip steps 10 to 13 that follow and jump straight to step 14.

10. If your tracker asks you to download the torrent file you just uploaded to them, usually so they can add the passkey, then you have to download it back to your PC THEN upload it to the seedbox.
We recommend you overwrite the torrent on your PC (without passkey) with this new torrent to avoid confusion later.

11. Go back to the seedbox and DELETE the "NEW" transfer that appeared when you created the torrent before.

12. Upload the new torrent (with passkey) from your PC to the seedbox using "Browse" on the seedbox, just as you would if downloading a torrent.

13. Hit "Go" to add it to your transfer list.

14. Click the torrent in your transfer list and start it as normal.
It should check the files all the way to 100% then it should start to seed to your tracker.

That should have you seeding your own files from the seedbox but if you encounter any problems please drop us a line at support letting us know which step failed for you and we'll do our best to help.

Last update: 22nd September 2010