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Account Manager - API issue.

We're having some issues with the account manager. This issue ONLY affects existing accounts that go overdue and is a pure code issue. In the meantime we are manually updating all existing overdue accounts until the code is updated.

This does not affect any other areas of the account manager such as renewals or new subscriptions. The seedbox servers also remain unaffected.

Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience or confusion caused to existing users.

27 Jul 2016

Support Site offline for a few hours.

Someone forgot to pay our bill! Support tickets will be back shortly due to a delay with timezones.

In the meantime we will keep Live Chat open for as long as possible.

18 Sep 2015

The Pirate Bay Phoenix

PirateBay Phoenix

Pirate Bay arose from the ashes in the last few hours. Welcome back guys.

All our seedbox plans will run torrents from Pirate Bay and we're busy upgrading all the seedbox proxies (eta 24 hours max for all plans) so you can browse Pirate Bay direct through your seedbox.

1 Feb 2015

Support section - network issues.

Some customers may be experiencing network issues with the support section of our website. If you are affected you can still get support via Live Chat direct from your seedbox.

12 Aug 2014

Account manager maintenance.

Our seedbox account manager will be unavailable for a few hours today due to maintenance. We expect the maintenance to be completed by 12:00 UTC

UPDATE 1: Account maintenance is still ongoing. ETA is not available at this time but Live Chat will be available during this extended period.

UPDATE 2: Account maintenance is now completed. It took a little bit longer than hoped but we're happy to be fully operational again.

UPDATE 3: There is a slight backlog with renewal reminders and account activations so we are manually processing any pending orders and hope to have these cleared by 18:00 UTC. We appreciate your understanding if you are affected by this and Live Chat will remain online if you have any further questions during this wait.

31 May 2014

1G Server upgrades.

We've just completed an upgrade of our full range of 1G servers.
All our 1G seedbox plans (torrentflux and rutorrent) now run on at least QUAD core / 8 thread PENTIUM processors with 24GB RAM minimum which is great news for the larger torrents that demand a higher than normal chunk size to run efficiently.

This quality hardware has also enabled us to tweak the existing seedbox packages to allow for even more connections per stream and better burst speed on torrents along with a lightning fast seedbox interface even under load.

As usual our existing customers get access to this new hardware first and we're pleased to announce that as of today we've completed porting ALL our existing users to the new hardware config.
This means that we're now in a position to offer this same quality server hardware to all our NEW 1G customers from today.

We've managed to do this without increasing any of our prices so now ALL our 1G seedbox plans provide even better bang for your buck!

25 Mar 2014

Support and email issue.

There is an ongoing issue with the support section of our website so ticket support is unavailable for a short time.

This issue is also affecting our email mail service

Will update here once resolved.

UPDATE: The support website is back online and we expect emails to be working as normal within a couple of hours due to the mail backlog.

22 Feb 2014

New Tracker List included with the seedbox web proxy.

Each of our seedbox plans comes with a free web based proxy that allows you to logon to your tracker(s) from your seedbox IP which can be useful for some trackers that require your seeding (seedbox) IP to match your login IP at the tracker.

Another bonus with the proxy is that it allows our customers to access other trackers that have been banned in their country.

Now it's even easier to use the proxy with a full list of clickable tracker links that will work with the proxy and our seedboxes. So not only can you see which trackers are allowed but each link will also open directly in the proxy.

With around 100 working trackers in the list it's now even easier to find that source for your files!

18 Nov 2013

New rutorrent package - 1Gbps rut35 for $25

We're added a smaller ruttorent package to the 1Gbps range for those of you who would prefer to try a smaller package first with the option to upgrade later.

This allows new users to test the 1Gbps rutorrent service for the first month without any obligation to renew or as a light package if you are a less frequent user.

To find out more check our 1gbps page.

11 Oct 2013

Support issue.

We're currently having issues with the support section of our website so ticket support is unavailable for a short time.

We will keep Live Chat open until the support issue is fully resolved, so if you are having seedbox issues you can still contact us directly from your seedbox.

UPDATE: The support website is back online so normal service is resumed.

19 Aug 2013

Accounts - Multiple renewals.

It's now possible to renew multiple times before going to PayPal to make a single payment.
Each time you click renew another month is added, so you want to renew for 3 months? Just click renew 3 times then go to PayPal to make the single payment.

This feature was requested quite a lot by members who preferred to pay 3 or 6 months upfront.

31 May 2013

Live Chat upgraded to resolve Google Chrome issue.

We've just completed a full Live Chat system upgrade to cope with some additional changes with Google's Chrome browser which was causing Live Chat to freeze for some of our customers, especially frustrating when they could see we were available but just couldn't connect!

Ticket support is always avalable 24/7 and if we're online you can expect a response within the hour, but after this recent upgrade we're hoping Live Chat will work fine for all users again.

22 Mar 2013

Double disk FREE!

We've just doubled the disk on our 1Gbps ruTorrent 50 package to make the new 1Gbps ruTorrent 100 package available for the same low cost of only $35 per month!

All existing rutorrent 50 users are in the process of being upgraded to the new package and should see the change within the next 24 hours.

28 Jan 2013

Live Chat - Chrome issue fixed.

Some users were experiencing scrolling issues when using our Live Chat system via their Chrome browser. We needed to recode chat slightly to accomodate some recent changes to Chrome, which is now all completed.

24 Oct 2012

Account manager temporarily unavailable

We hope to have the account manager back online within the next hour or so.

UPDATE: The account manager is now back online.

20 Sep 2012

We do NOT use WHMCS, your data is safe at

News broke today that WHMCS, the account management system used by many seedbox hosting providers, has been hacked with the possibility that passwords and credit card details have been stolen.

We would just like to confirm that do NOT use WHMCS so none of our customers will be affected by this hack.

22 May 2012

Public trackers are still allowed.

We've always allowed public trackers, but this is probably still the most frequently asked question despite already being answered in our FAQ, so we thought confirmation here would help clarify this position.

All seedboxes also provide a free web proxy that allows you to access any tracker via your seedbox with all data between you and the seedbox fully encrypted so your traffic between the seedbox and your internet connection is totally anonymous.

We've provided this proxy service since 2008, mainly to help with the transfer stats from the seedbox correctly updating trackers, but the recent news that ISP's are blocking some trackers makes a web proxy an even more useful feature these days.

3 May 2012

Our best value rutorrent seedbox EVER!

Looks like the Easter Bunny has been at work on our 200mbps ruTorrent seedboxes now with more goodies.

There's a new 20GB seedbox for only $15 while the old rut25 has been upgraded to the rutorrent 40GB for the same $20, and there's a new 80GB seedbox for an insanely low price of only $30 per month.

There's also a special offer available, but just like an Easter egg hunt, you need to look for it.
(clue: read the news item below)

Happy Easter!

8 Apr 2012

Magnet Link Converter.

We're offering a new free service at that will convert any magnet link into a torrent file.

If you have a torrentflux seedbox you'll love this new service because not only does it convert magnet links to torrent files, but will also provide you a link which you can then copy then paste directly into the URL section of your seedbox to load the torrent.

So if you're using your home client at present to grab torrents before loading them to your seedbox, forget that! With and your torrentflux seedbox you can now enjoy completely remote torrenting again when using magnet links.

You can also use this new service to check if a magnet link is active.
If doesn't find your torrent file within a minute then the chances are the torrent has very few peers.
If the torrent file isn't found at all then it's likely the magnet link is dead.


23 Mar 2012

Magnet Links.

More and more trackers are starting to use Magnet Links, and some have started using only Magent Links.

All rutorrent packages at support magnet links directly by pasting the magnet link into the URL box when using the add torrent function.

Torrentflux does not support magnet links at present, but we're working hard to come up with a solution to this.

So in short, if you have no choice but to use magnet links then you must use an rutorrent package at for now.

9 Mar 2012

Support website issues.

We're having some issues with our support website so we are in the process of moving it elswhere. DNS propogation may result in the site not resolving so please use the link below.

UPDATE: Link removed, DNS propogation completed.

7 Mar 2012

1G prices SLASHED!!

We've just slashed the prices for our 1G tf_b4rt packages, so you can now get a 50GB seedbox on a 1Gbps line and 4 active torrents for a mere $25!

Please click through to view the rest of our 1Gbps seedbox offers.

21 Nov 2011

Main website and chat issues.

We're having issues with our main web site host which is affecting our main site and Live Chat.

Accounts and Support remain unaffected.

We hope to have all issues resolved within the next 24 hours.

30 Oct 2011

Accounts maintenance.

Accounts will be offline for maintenance for up to an hour today starting at 08:00 UTC

5 Oct 2011

FTP limits increased.

FTP limits have now doubled on all our torrentflux packages, so 400kbps per thread with 5 threads allowed on the 200mbps torrentflux packages, and 1000kbps per thread with 5 threads allowed on the 1Gbps torrentlux seedbox.
All existing customers have been upgraded automatically.

We're also in the process of updating the FTP guide which will show you how to transfer 1 large file using all 5 available threads so you can get the best available speed possible. This should be completed and live on the site by this weekend.

4 Oct 2011

Seedbox improvements.

A few tweaks and patches have been recenty applied to keep the seedboxes in tip top shape.

Firewall tweaks to help improve FTP performance and better handling of UDP requests for some of the public trackers.
Live chat from the seedbox is now also secured so no more browser warnings in your seedbox.
A bug fixed in one of our scripts where some torrents from a well known and devilishly good tracker were being deleted by the system.

23 Sep 2011

New account features.

Thanks to a recent request by one of our users via the uservoice feature mentioned below, we've added a couple of new features to our accounts manager.
Cheers for that!

Once logged onto your account you will now see the following new menu links:

Support Links: Now shows if online chat is available and provides links to view existing support tickets or create a new ticket.
Server Status: This link will show your reported server status and will update dynamically so you can instantly see if there are any ongoing reported issues or if maintanance is ongoing.
Account Status: When you log onto accounts you will now be taken straight to a new account status page. Can't access your seedbox? Now you will see as soon as you check accounts if it's Active, Overdue or been Disabled.

Hopefully these small changes will help make managing your account and seedbox that little bit easier.

19 Sep 2011

Account manager maintenance.

Accounts could become unavailable due to a server upgrade anytime today between 01:00 and 06:00 EST.

13 Sep 2011

Live Chat direct from your seedbox.

It will soon be possible to access Live Chat direct from your seedbox when we're online.
This should be fully rolled out to all servers by the end of this week.

You will only see the chat button when we're online so if you don't see it and you have an issue please contact support by clicking the Super Support link from your seedbox or from here.

12 Sep 2011

Feature requests.

We've now added uservoice to our range of support features. This new service is a great way to make a feature request or vote on an existing request.

Look out for the orange "Request a Feature" button at Super Support or when logged into accounts.

24 Aug 2011

PayPal email delays.

UPDATE: Issue below is resolved. Emails now arriving as normal.

There seems to be an issue with PayPal emails being delayed. This was slowing down our automated new customer activations and disabled seedbox renewals.

We are now manually checking payments received about once per hour until PayPal resolve this issue.

10 July 2011

Using a UDP Tracker? Use Transmission!

More and more trackers, especially public trackers that don't require signup, are using UDP in favor of HTTP for announcing torrents.

Unfortunately our default client, bittornado 3.18, doesn't support UDP data announcing, so if you look at the tracker announce list and see addresses starting with udp:// and you are using bittornado, it won't run and will just sit there doing nothing.

You can also spot the issue if you check the torrent log.

The good news is that Transmission 2.12 does work fine with UDP, and is now available to use on most of our torrentflux packages.

Here is a guide to changing the client on a torrentflux seedbox here at

23 May 2011

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