2009 News

Restarted torrents and the dreaded quota error - FIXED!

Some of our users have been experiencing issues trying to restart torrents that have already been grabbed to the seedbox.
This was down to additional coding required on the torrentflux quota module.

Our existing customers will be pleased to hear that this issue is now fully resolved and the fix has been rolled out across our seedbox range.

3rd December 2009

Our 1Gbps range is now even better value!

We've reconfigured our 1Gbps seedbox range by introducing the 1Gbps Basic package and by offering more disk space and more torrents allowed to some of our existing packages.
There's never been a better time to go 1G!

To all our existing 1G users: We've automatically upgraded you, for free.

6th August 2009

Free Proxy

We've started rolling out a free proxy feature to our seedbox servers.
This will allow seedbox.me users to log on to their torrent trackers via the seedbox so the IP's match. Some trackers require this for the transfer stats to be updated correctly.

Existing customers will see a link on the seedbox once the proxy is installed.

We hope to have all servers updated with this free feature over the next few days.

UPDATE: All seedboxes now have the free proxy.

27th July 2009

Support overkill?

We're playing with Google Voice and was wondering if we could use some of it's features in a support capacity. If you were to click the button below you'll initiate the Google Voice widget and will be asked to enter YOUR contact number.
YOUR phone will then ring, for free, and then you'll be put straight through to our business number, for free.

OK, free phone support, so far so good.

Taking it a step further, if you were then to leave a voicemail Google Voice will transcribe it into a written email then will email that transcription to our support team!.

So the next time you're thinking about writing out a support ticket, ask yourself, do I waste time typing it myself or do I just dictate it and let Google do the typing for me?

15th July 2009

Our new 1Gbps range is launched.

We've had lots of interest about a 1Gbps range, so we've been busy beavering away in the background to bring you exactly what you want.
seedbox.me go 1Gbps

8th July 2009

More disk space right across our 200Mbps range.

That's right, not only are seedbox.me one of the most reliable seedbox hosting providers around, but we're now offering some of the best value seedbox hosting packages in the business. As the title says, we've increased the available disk space on all our 200Mbps servers so most of our packages now have up to double the disk space at absolutely no extra cost, all still with unmetered bandwidth.

We're expecting remaining stock to fly so grab one before they all go!

28th June 2009

Transfer Profiles.

We've had a lot of support tickets in the past from users asking if they can change the seeding percentage once torrents have completed.
This hadn't been possible.........until now.

We're trialing a new "transfer profile" feature on some of our servers so you can decide what you'd like to seed back.
If your server has this new feature you'll see a link on the seedbox pointing back to this news item.
To find out more about how to use this feature just pop along to our FAQ

We're sorry if your server doesn't have this feature yet but we plan to roll it out to all servers as quickly as possible once initial trials are completed.

UPDATE: All servers should now have this feature activated. If yours doesn't then please open a new support ticket.

14th May 2009

Moneybookers now accepted.


We're now accepting moneybookers for users in countries where PayPal is not an option. Unfortunately moneybooker payments are not automated in our billing system like PayPal so please apply as normal then raise a support ticket asking to make the payment via moneybookers.
We will then send you a moneybookers payment request instead.

31st March 2009

The new accounts manager is open for sign ups!

It took a bit longer than we'd hoped but finally the new accounts manager is up and running. Existing members will be ported over to the new system over the next couple of days and will receive an email once done.
New members can sign up for our packages and use the account manager straight away. We're hoping this accounts system will free up some more time so we can get back to developing our seedboxes and provide you an even better service!

9th March 2009

Get the latest developments and news at our new page.

Ok, nothing too fancy but consider this our "Latest News" page. As a few of you already know we have a few developments underway so we'll post the updates here. Be sure to check back here every few days if you're waiting for that new feature.

9th March 2009