2010 News

ruTorrent 250GB added.

We now have 250GB ruTorrent seedboxes available on a 1Gbps line for the insane low price of only $50 per month.

ruTorrent 250 < click for more info.

2nd November 2010

ruTorrent restart button.

All ruTorrent seedboxes now have the Restart tab that allows you to restart the seedbox yourself and a LINKS tab with handy links, like support, this news page and the free proxy.

28th October 2010

Planned Maintenance.

UPDATE: Maintenance is now completed.

We're expecting downtime for some planned maintenance due to start tomorrow, Tue October 26 2010 at 12:00 UTC. Downtime should be short with a window of 3 hours for all servers to be completed.

26th October 2010

ruTorrent goes 1G.


We now have ruTorrent loaded onto 1G servers offering more disk space and of course, more speed!

Further details can be found by following the link below.
1Gbps ruTorrent is launched at seedbox.me.

26th July 2010

Data Center Issues

We had network issues in one of the data centers earlier resulting in about an hours worth of downtime for quite a few of our customers.
Apologies guys, this issue really was out of our control and was in no way related to server performance.

Glad to report that normal service is resumed.

24th July 2010

ruTorrent is launched.

We're now offering ruTorrent as an addition to our range which provides the following features:

Please use the menu to the left to view the packages or sign up here.

12th July 2010

Live Chat is back.

Live chat has been down the last week or so and unfortunately all offline messages sent via Live Chat weren't being routed in the correct manner.
This issue has now resolved with Live Chat returning so all support queries (tickets and offline messages) are being properly routed.
Apologies to those customers who were affected by this.

19th May 2010

Payment Problems

UPDATE: The issue below has now been resolved by PayPal and our tests confirm this to be the case.

We're having issues with the automated payment system which is wrongly directing users to the regular PayPal login screen instead of the payment page.
We hope to have this resolved shortly but in the meantime if you can't make payment via the accounts manager then please raise a support ticket with your registered email stating you can't make the payment.
We'll then send you a manual request via PayPal.

Manual processing may take longer but we should be back to automated processing in less than 24 hours.

27th March 2010

All our 1G seedbox prices have been SLASHED by up to 25%!

That's not all. Some of our higher end 1G packages now have more disk space and more active torrents for less cash per month!

You can now get the 1G Basic seedbox for only $15 per month, reduced from $20 per month.
That's a full 25% OFF!

To all our existing 1G users: We'll automatically upgrade your package if applicable, for free, within the next 24 hours. Your next monthly renewal fee will be at the new reduced rate.

24th February 2010

Accounts Manager - Maintenance Status - COMPLETE

Update: Account manager maintenance complete and back online.

The accounts manager is currently unavailable due to maintenance. We hope to have it back shortly.

No seedbox accounts will be trimmed for 24 hours once the accounts manager returns, so if you're due renewal, don't worry, we won't cut you off straight away.

20th February 2010