Seedbox Quick Start Guide

Our quick guide to get you started if you've never used a seedbox before.

The first step for all seedbox packages at involves visiting a tracker to source the files you want, then either RIGHT CLICK and SAVE the torrent file to your PC or RIGHT CLICK and COPY the magnet link if available.

Do NOT left click the .torrent or magnet link on the tracker otherwise it will probably just load the torrent into your PC's torrent program instead of loading it onto the seedbox.

Once you have the .torrent file saved to your PC or magnet link copied you can then log onto the seedbox and load up the .torrent file or magnet link.

Please click the appropriate link below for instructions about how to log in and start a torrent on your chosen package.


torrentflux b4rt

If you have any problems following the guides please contact us at support.

Last update: 9 Apr 2012