Seedbox ruTorrent Guide

1. First you will need the seedbox address.
This is shown in your profile page by logging in at accounts.
Copy and paste the full seedbox address into your favorite browser to take you to the seedbox login page.
2. UPDATE: We're now using certificates signed by a recognised authority so you shouldn't see any certificate warnings and can continue to the next section of this guide.
If you do see a warning when logging in then please contact support asap.

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Last update: 25th May 2011

Your browser will probably show a warning because it needs to accept our ssl certificate for your secure seedbox.

Click one of the links below to view more browser specific information and screenshots for dealing with the warnings.

Once the certificate is installed in the browser you will be able to login to your seedbox.

We are in the process of buying our certificate from a trusted source instead of making our own so these warnings will go away shortly making your seedbox experience even smoother.

Last update: 25th October 2010