Seedbox ruTorrent Guide ...continued

3. When you see the login page please log in to the seedbox with your user name and password.
Your seedbox username is shown in your profile which can be seen by logging in at accounts.

You should already know your seedbox password.


Once logged in you will be presented with your ruTorrent seedbox which will look a lot like the shot below.

rutorrent screenshot

Here's a quick overview of the ruTorrent menu.

rutorrent menu

1. Add torrent.
2. Create torrent.
3. Delete torrent.
4. Start torrent.
5. Pause torrent.
6. Stop torrent.
7. RSS manager.
8. Settings.
9. About ruTorrent.


Click the add torrent icon and a pop up will open as shown below.

rutorrent add torrent

Click the button twice as shown above the A. This selects your seedbox drive.
Click the "Browse" button as shown next to B. This allows you to browse and load the torrent file you saved earlier.
Click the Add File button as shown next to C.


Close the Add torrent window and if all went well you should see a message in the bottom ruTorrent window as seen below.

rutorrent added torrent

Hopefully that will get you started with your ruTorrent seedbox but if you have any more questions about this guide or about your ruTorrent seedbox at then please first check the FAQ and if your question is still unanswered then please contact support.

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Last update: 25th May 2011