Seedbox Torrentflux_b4rt Guide

1. First you will need the seedbox address.
This is shown in your profile page by logging in at accounts.
Copy and paste the full seedbox address into your favorite browser to take you to the seedbox login page.
2. Once logged into your seedbox, hit the Browse button as seen below.
browse to torrent

3. Browse to the .torrent file saved earlier on your PC then hit open.
4. Select Upload + Start as shown below then hit the Go button.
upload and start torrent

That's it!

Your transfer should show up further down the seedbox home page as seen below.

torrent transfer

Torrent Status

To check it's running ok you can click the torrent name to bring up the control window as shown below...

torrent status

Now click the log link along the top to view the log as seen below...

torrent log

If everything is running fine the last entry (scroll to the bottom) should be similar to the above.

If there are any errors they should be shown in this section.

Please copy and paste the log if you raise a support ticket relating to problems with torrents.

Please also check the FAQ for more problem solving.

Next section: Getting files to and from the seedbox

Last update: 24th July 2010